Rainier Reindeer Ranch

Rainier Reindeer Ranch: 253-508-9441 or info@rainierreindeer.com 

Rainier Reindeer Ranch is nestled in the shadow of Mount Rainier in Western Washington and is owned by Sophia McKee.  

The idea was born after she visited the Tsaatan Tribe in Northern Mongolia.

She fell in love with the reindeer at first sight and was captivated by their calm nature and loving personalities. The Tsaatan is the last tribe in the world that uses reindeer for transportation and Sophia had the unique privilege of riding the reindeer thanks to a personal connection to the Tsaatan family that she stayed with.

After returning from Mongolia, Sophia started Rainier Reindeer Ranch in order to share these magical creatures with children and adults alike.

Rainier Reindeer Ranch is a USDA Licensed Facility. Rainier Reindeer Ranch believes in the ethical treatment of all animals and adheres to the Animal Welfare Act. The health and happiness of our reindeer is our first priority.